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Roto-Shake Genie with Magnetic Platform, Rocking/Rotating/Orbital Shake, 5-35rpm for Rotating, 10-70 Rock Cycles Per Minute, Includes: (1) Clip Plate for 10-13mm, (1) 15-17mm, and (1)28-30mm Tubes, (4) Bag Mounting Strips, and a Non Skid Tray, 120V.


    Roto-Shake Genie

    Rock, Rotate, or 3-D Orbit Any Container!

    • Combines rocking and rotating in one compact and versatile unit
    • Rocking tray accommodates large open containers
    • Magnetic strips secure sealed bags for completely uniform soaking and washing
    • Optional 3-D Orbital Attachment transforms the unit into an orbital shaker
    • Easily cleaned or decontaminated
    • MAGNETIC stainless steel platform may be easily set to rock or rotate almost any container
    • A variety of attachments are available to provide maximum application versatility
    • Optional Horizontal Orbital Attachment is ideal for Western
    • Blots and maintaining cells or solutions in suspension
    • May be used in cold rooms and incubators between 0-38°C

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