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MTC Bio 50-place locking rack, 5 x 10 format, for use with star foot cryogenic vials, 4 per case


MTC Bio Cryogenic Vials
The ideal choice for long term storage of sample in the harshest environment! These thick-walled tubes are outfitted with silicone O-rings that allow them to maintain their seal at temperatures as low as -196°C. Sterilized by gamma irradiation, MTC Bio cryogenic vials are designed to hold, store and preserve biological materials for days, weeks, years, or decades. The self-standing starfoot base mates perfectly with an included rack so that one hand is all that is needed to install and remove caps.

• Tubes available externally or internally threaded in 1, 2, 3 or 5ml volumes
• Colored cap inserts available in white, blue, green, red or yellow
• Printed graduations and white marking areas
• 10 resealable bags of 50 per case
• Free locking rack in every case!
• Sterile and RNase, DNase, pyrogen, & endotoxin free

Material (tube/cap): LN2 grade polypropylene
Material (o-ring/washer): Silicone
Temp Range: -196°C to +121°C*
Vial Diameter: 12.5mm

*LN2 gas phase only; not for liquid phase

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