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CM-7S Compact Centrifuge with out rotor, Digital control panel, 100 - 3500 RPM, 2300 RCF, Timer 1 - 99 minutes, 6 Brake Levels, Automatic lid lock, Temperature working range 10 to 40°C, 5 optional rotors, Dimensions (L x W x H) 430 x 410 x 220mm.


    Centrifuge CM-7S

    Advanced Technology

  • SkySpin™ Patented Motor Controller
  • Sensorless Accu-Logic Archtecture
  • Digital Speed and Balance Controller
  • Increased Durability
  • Smooth, noiseless and non-heating operation

    Advanced Interface

    Major control buttons: "Start/Stop" and "Open" are comfortably located right underneath the lid handle. No matter right or left handed user can always reach the control buttons with a thumb.

    Large colorful LCD Display makes navigation and settings very simple and fast. All the settings are displayed simultaneously which is very convenient.

    Easily accessible settings menu allows additional fine tuning. User can adjust display brightness and sound volume to insure maximum comfort.

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