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Nichipet Air 0.1-2.0ul Single Channel Pipettor - weighs 70g, hyper blower system, color coded gray, fully autoclavable, low plunger force, ergonomic finger rest, removable tip ejector, smooth volume setting, easy calibration


Introducing Nichipet Air - the lightest Nichipet, only 70g!  

As durable as previous Nichipet models but 56% lighter.  The reduced weight and plunger pressure of Nichipet Air helps mitigate fatigue and stress from repetitive pipetting, while still delivering world-class Accuracy and Precision.

- 70% lower plunger pressure than conventional pipettors
- Finger rest ergonomically shaped to fit your hand
- Easy volume setting and calibration
- Removable ejector allows unit to be used in thin test-tubes
- Hyper-blower system on 2μL , 10μL and 20μL units ensures complete discharge of set   sample amount.
- Each volume color coded
- Fully autoclavable

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