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Hettich EBA 280 Compact & Powerful Clinical Tabletop Centrifuge for 90° flat separation of all standard blood, urine and pediatric tubes, Ergonomic Quick-Lift™ Rotor System, Run-Silent™ Operation, Easy-Lift™ / Safety-Lock™ Lid, Maximum RPM /RCF 6,000 / 4146, Maximum Capacity 6 x 50mL, 115V


    Compact & Powerful Clinical Tabletop. Centrifuge High-performance with a 90° swing-out rotor for flat separation of all standard blood, urine and pediatric tubes. Achieve consistent platelet counts less than 10,000 platelets/µL in 3 minutes or less.

    Ergonomic Quick-Lift Rotor System. Provides effortless sample management and installation of centrifuge rotor. The rotor is self-standing allowing you to load samples at the benchtop level. Quickly and easily place the auto-locking rotor onto motor shaft for safe centrifugation. Upon completion, simply lift the rotor out of centrifuge for convenient unloading of samples. No tools or physical stress required.

    Memory Control System. Up to 10 pre-programmable settings for easy recall of application parameters. This ensures repeatability and limits programming errors.

    Run-Silent™ Operation. Excessive noise in the laboratory can lead to distractions, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure and chronic fatigue. Our centrifuges are as quiet as a normal conversation and will not increase the noise levels within your lab.

    Easy-Lift™. Our Easy-Lift Lid, featuring stay-in-place positioning and lid drop protection, is ergonomically designed to limit repetitive stress injuries, spillage and accidental sample disruption when loading and unloading your centrifuge.

    Safety-Lock™. Our Safety-Lock Lids are self-closing, auto-locking and come with either single or dual steel lid locks. This ensures a safe, tight closure of the centrifuge chamber during operation. The centrifuge will not operate if lid is not secure. For added safety, our centrifuges feature all-metal containment and adhere to all national and international safety standards and certifications.

    Five (5) Year Warranty

    FDA registered centrifuge manufacturer.

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