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Hettich Mikro 200R Refrigerated Bench Top Centrifuge without Rotor, Temp. Range: -10 to 40ºC, Digital Display, Locking Lid, Imbalance Switch-Off, 1 sec - 99min : 59 sec. Continuous Run, Pulse Key, 15,000rpm, 21,382xg, 60 Hz, 100-127V.


Hettich Mikro 200/200R Microliter Centrifuge

The MIKRO 200 and 200R rank among the fastest centrifuges in their class- with a maximum speed of 15,000RPM and an RCF of 21,382. Not only are they fast, the MIKRO 200R also refrigerates quickly.


  • Powered lid locking
  • Quick-entry foil keypad - Easy to read, digital display - Display of current parameter values - Select key for parameter selection - Impulse key for short centrifuging - Open lid key - RCF key
  • Twist knob to enter values - RPM in increments of 10 - Running time in minutes, max. 99min. - Temperature in increments of 1°C (MIKRO 200R)
  • 4 Programmable memories

    Refrigeration (MIKRO 200R)

  • Infinitely variable setting from -10°C to +40°C
  • Fast Cool Function
  • Stand-by mode maintains the set temperature.
  • Automatic refrigeration switch-off when the lid is opened.


  • Lid dropping protection
  • Lid locking and holding
  • Emergency lid lock release
  • Motor and chamber overheating protection
  • Imbalance switch-off
  • Standstill indication
  • For additional accessories, please call.

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